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Yacht Uniform is a company that deals in a professional and specialized supply of uniforms and workwear for yachts.

Bring in support of another company he owned, the Tecnoricami sas based in Rapallo (GE) , is capable of providing a customization of the heads through the use of industrial machines and different operators who daily work in the creation of logos, lettering and similar.

Embroideries and silk-screen prints are executed professionally and quickly thanks to our structures that put us in a position to operate with great flexibility with our customers.

Normally we operate from Viareggio to Nice but we are able to make shipments to ports around the Mediterranean, reaching places even outside of this geographical area.
Our willingness to come on board to make agree directly with the commander for the uniforms and the measures for the crew, allows the creation of a relationship that ensures the success of the supply without any problem of fit '.

Yachts, dealerships nautical and prestigious shipyards already use our services and choosing Yachts Uniform you're guaranteed to:
- Wear elegant uniforms for evening service on board for both men and women;
- Use specific clothing for work into the engine room or kitchen;
- Have kits Terry - bathrobes and towels customized;
- Have also uniform to use in boats shows

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